Sunday, November 12, 2006

Psycho Transvestite Hamster. Issue 3

Just because you asked so nicely.

Last issue was kinda focused on the bra's aspect of PTH.
This week we're catching up on the blood n' guts bit.
Gotta keep it balanced ain't ya.

Art by Cox.
Story by Ball.

Copyright Cox and Ball 2006


Olli said...

Nice. Pretty demented stuff know in a good way.

lifeform26 said...

Holy Sh!t. So this site does have traffic!
Thanks very much Olli, I'm glad you like it.

firechild_uk said...

I've found that a pentacle enscribed with goats blood placed around my stash tends to keep most demonic types at bay, when in doubt always use voodoo not Yahoo, you know it makes sense.

Jonathan said...

ooooh movement :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh sarcasm :P